(WIP) Fallout 4 – Vault Tec Special

Some screenshots and a video of my upcoming mod for Fallout 4: Vault Tec Special.

It features a quest in which the player obtains:

  • A new weapon: the Bobble Jet (can be modified using workbench)
  • Craftable Bobble-Ammo
  • A new Bobble Camo outfit and Bobble Camo cap (can be modified using workbench)
  • A Pip-Boy Bobble Camo paint-job
  • A power armor Bobble Camo paint-job (including Jet Pack)


It is all work in progress, I am planning on potentially adding a few enemies (maybe a ghoul or two in the shack / one robot or two in the basement).

Next step will be to impose some conditions, so that the mod quest doesn’t get triggered until the player is at a certain level. This also means that the dead robot with the key will not be present until the quest gets triggered.

The following video was created using NVIDIA Shadow play.